Our innovative products

  • Self-adhesive Tapes

    Self-adhesive Tapes

    Our tapes are mainly used for: carton-sealing and printing; printed tapes, in different types of films and adhesive, form part of our production as well and are suitable for several needs. Special tapes complete our wide product range.

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  • Films for cutting plotters

    Films for cutting plotters

    Our 3 and 5 years cutting material is available in several colours. Specialities, such as masking film and sand-blasting film, complete our product range.

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  • Graphic Films

    Graphic Films

    Our production range is mainly targeted for non-UV/UV screen printing, lithography, flexography and non-UV/UV offset printing. The wide range of products allows their application in several fields i.e. from labels manufacturers to advertising through the world of decorative art.

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  • Digital Printing

    Digital Printing

    Wide range of products for digital printing, thickness film: 100 microns, water based or solvent adhesive depending on applications.

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